Whoop without membership

Whoop Without Membership: How it Works and What You Get

Whoop Without Membership? Let’s find out what you get and how it works in this article.

Whoop is quite popular among fitness enthusiasts due to its unique features. Fitness freaks around the world are now preferring whoop devices in order to optimize their health and keep a record of their physical health. 

But not all of them are able to buy a Whoop membership Whoop membership price is not affordable for everyone and some people may find it costly. 

If you are the one and you feel that Whoop membership is not pocket friendly then this article is for you as we will describe how you can use Whoop by discussing the cost of membership. 

Is it possible to use Whoop Without Membership 

The simple answer is NO!! Whoop is a fitness wearable technology strap that is based on a subscription model. Whoop requires membership to access its features. Whoop strap without membership is absolutely useless.

If you don’t have a membership you won’t be able to get access to the app, and if you are not having access to the app then you won’t be able to see insights or your performance reports. So just the Whoop strap itself is of no use without membership.

It’s necessary for you to purchase a membership plan to access its features. As soon as you get the membership, you will get your whoop strap for free and you will also get access to its unique feature.

Whoop without membership
Whoop without membership

The pricing model of Whoop Membership 

Since now you know that Whoop without membership is nothing so here are the pricing models which will make it easy for you to use your membership plan with Whoop.

The membership plans of Whoop are available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, UAE, and New Zealand. They are having three membership plans. 

Below are their three plans

  • 24-month membership plan, in which there is prepaid upfront
  • Annual membership plan with prepaid upfront
  • Monthly membership, but with 12 months of commitment 

Let’s discuss their membership plans in detail. The monthly plan of Whoop membership has a limitation of 12 months commitment so you are going to pay $30 on your first month and then they will automatically charge for the remaining 11 months. 

If you take the annual plan membership you will pay $300 upfront (taxes are included in this) 

And if you take a two-year plan then you will pay $480 upfront (taxes are included in this) 

When your subscription period is over you are going to pay $30 per month on monthly basis or you can either select any other plans which have less monthly rates. This way you can budget out and choose your ideal Whoop membership. 

Whoop without membership
Whoop without membership
CountryMonthly Fee24 Months FeeAnnual Fee
Canada$40/mo (CD)$26/mo (CD)$33/mo (CD)
UAENAAED 80/moAED 100/mo
Whoop Membership Pricing Plan

How can you get a free WHOOP membership?

Whoop membership is paid and it’s not possible to access the Whoop app without paying but there is definitely a referral program. For example, for every person you refer to the Whoop app, you will get one free month of membership.

Advantages of subscribing to the Whoop membership plan

With the Whoop membership plan, you get access to lots of features and you get many benefits it so is definitely a win-win situation for fitness freaks. Here are some advantages of the Whoop membership plan.

Whoop without membership
Whoop without membership

Eligibility to Whoop Pro membership 

As soon as you become a part of the Whoop fitness community, you are qualified to become a Whoop pro member. Which means you have the access to all its unique features. The best thing about being a pro member is that you are able to get free shipping, early access to features, access to free gear and so much more. 

Free Whoop Fitness Tracker

This is another benefit that whoop users get!! Whoop provides its users with Whoop fitness trackers which are absolutely free of cost which is another great benefit of joining the Whoop membership plan.

Fitness insights

With Whoop membership you can keep a record of your fitness data which is recorded through your activities like running, swimming, cycling, or doing some type of cardiovascular training. As soon as you become a part of the Whoop fitness community you will also get a 24-hour heart rate report which is another great feature for users with membership plans.

Progress Assessments

With Whoop membership you are able to check progress assessments from all over the world as it’s a global network of many fitness enthusiasts with similar goals and activities like yours, which will keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goal.

Complimentary items

With a Whoop membership, you get complimentary items that will be really useful for your fitness journey. You can select one item every 3 months, which is absolutely free.

Sleep insights

With Whoop membership, you are able to analyze your sleep schedule, whether you are getting enough sleep or not. Through Whoop you will able to know about your sleep stages. In this way, you can improve your sleeping habits by analyzing your sleeping schedules through Whoop.

Is WHOOP worth the money?

Whoop is no doubt an ideal device for Fitness enthusiasts. If you are a fitness freak and like to keep an eye on your daily performance, and sleep data, and analyze your daily recovery score then Whoop is best for you and you will not regret purchasing its membership. 

It’s definitely worth the money for people who do running, swimming, cycling, or doing some type of cardiovascular training as they can analyze data through these activities on their Whoop app. 

Whoop Alternatives: Membership Options

Here are some Alternatives of Whoop which might work for you. 

  • Fitbit trackers
  • Amazon Halo band
  • Moov now
  • Bio strap
  • Huawei Band 6


Do we get any free trial with Whoop?

There is a free trial with Whoop but you only get it with the 3.0 upcycle program. For instance, if you are transferring from Whoop 3.0 to 4.0, then you can give your old 3.0 strap to someone else and they can use it for free for about two months. If they join you will get one free month with your new Whoop 4.0 strap.

Can we get Whoop Lifetime Membership?

At the time, Whoop doesn’t have any lifetime membership for its users. If you want to choose any long-term membership then you can go for their 2 years membership subscription plan.

Also, you may find 2 years plan cheaper than the other subscription plans.

What happens if you don’t pay for WHOOP?

If you don’t pay any pending membership amount for 3 days or more then your account will get inactive. So you won’t be able to access the features and you can’t upload data from your Whoop device. 

Are there alternatives for WHOOP?

Yes, there are other fitness trackers and alternatives for Whoop mentioned above in this article.

What is the downside of WHOOP?

There is no major downside but one problem it has is that the Whoop charger which is a removable battery is not waterproof so you have to be careful while interacting with waterbodies so it doesn’t get damaged.


As discussed above Whoop without membership is totally a waste of time as it doesn’t provide anything useful without membership. It is important for you to purchase a membership in order to analyze your daily data record and enjoy the benefits of Whoop. Whoop with membership provides you with so many features and also complimentary products for your benefit. So purchasing a Whoop subscription is a win-win situation that will be very useful for you.

To read more about Whoop 4.0 if its waterproof or not or any more details about Whoop do visit our website digitswearables.com

Whoop Without Membership: How it Works and What You Get
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