Best Whoop Alternatives in 2024

Best Whoop Alternatives in 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, staying fit and healthy has become a priority for many people and so on with the advancements in technology, tracking your fitness progress has become way easier than before. Nowadays almost every fitness freak has a fitness tracker which has gained popularity as handy devices that help individuals monitor and improve their physical health.

Fitness trackers are smart wearable devices designed to monitor various aspects of your daily physical activities. Whoop is one of the most popular fitness trackers. Whoop fitness trackers are designed to provide users with detailed insight into their physical activities. 

But for any reason, if you are looking for some good alternatives to Whoop then this article is for you. 

Best Whoop band alternative

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker

Amazfit Band 5 is one of the best alternatives to Whoop. It is a fitness tracker that offers a range of features to help you monitor and improve your health and fitness.

One of the best features of Amazfit Band 5 is its ability to monitor your heart rate. It uses a built-in optical sensor that will track your heart rate throughout the day. It also comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa for better usage. It also has a longer battery life. It has a user-friendly interface. The best thing is it also provides female period tracking. The device can also analyze the duration and quality of your sleep. 

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

This tracker also serves as the best alternative to Whoop. This device will count your steps, calculate the distance you have traveled, and will also estimate the calories you have burned throughout the day. Another feature of this device is its ability to monitor your heart rate. It also offers sleep-tracking features. It has a Long battery life with a unique slim design. The only disadvantage it has is that it doesn’t feature built-in GPS

Best Whoop Alternatives in 2024

Huawei Band 6

It is a wearable fitness tracker that is designed to help you monitor your health and fitness activities easily and stylishly.

It has a lightweight design, which makes it very comfortable to wear throughout the day. It has a large color display that provides clear and vibrant visuals, which allows you to easily view your fitness data. It is made of durable materials, which ensures its longevity.

One of the key features of the Huawei Band 6 is its ability to track various aspects of your health and fitness. It can monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and blood oxygen saturation levels. It has a long battery life. This data can give you insights into your overall well-being and help you in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker

This is a fitness tracker designed to help you monitor and improve your physical activity and overall health. It provides various features to track your fitness goals. It has a built-in heart rate monitor that monitors your heart rate throughout the day. This helps you analyze how your heart responds to different activities and can give you insights into your overall cardiovascular health.

In addition to heart rate monitoring, A370 tracks your daily steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It also automatically detects and tracks different types of exercises, such as running, cycling, and swimming. You can also keep track of your workouts without manually starting and stopping the tracking for each activity so overall it’s a great device. 

Best Whoop Alternatives in 2024

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a popular wearable fitness tracker designed to help individuals monitor their health and fitness activities easily and affordably. It offers various features that can assist you in tracking your daily fitness routine. It comes with a built-in heart rate monitor that measures your heart rate throughout the day, providing you with insights into your cardiovascular health. It also tracks your sleep patterns, giving you information about the quality and duration of your sleep. It has a 24 x 7 Smart sleep monitoring system which is helpful. A disadvantage it has is that heart rate monitoring can’t be accurate sometimes. 

Best Whoop Alternatives in 2024


Who are Whoop 4 competitors?

Top whoop competitors are STAT Health, Oura, Figur8, Dozee, and Kenzen.

Is Whoop better than the Apple Watch?

Well, this depends on your choice. If you want a stylish design with consistent ecosystem integration and various health and fitness features then you should go for Apple. If you want deep performance tracking and long battery life then Whoop Band is best for you.

What is a whoop band?

Whoop band focuses on fitness recovery and sleep tracking. It measures various physiological markers, including heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep stages. These metrics help users understand their body’s readiness for better physical activity and provide guidance. The best thing about it is that it monitors your heart rate 24/7, providing real-time data on your cardiovascular activity. It also tracks your sleep patterns. 

What is the Whoop alternative to HRV?

For HRV Oura is an alternative but the difference is that Oura is a ring and not a fitness band.

What is the IOS Whoop alternative?

If you are an Apple Watch user and looking for something similar to the Whoop app then u can use the CHIPR app. 

Is Whoop better than an Apple Watch?

Well, this depends on you!! If you just want a good smartwatch with some great features then Apple watch is best for you. But if you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast then you should go for whoop. 

Is WHOOP worth it for nonathletes?

Yes, it is!! Whoop is for everyone. It has amazing and beneficial features which is good for everyone. So even if you are not an athlete but want to get a fitness tracker then you should try Whoop. 


The fitness tracking market has expanded and evolved significantly. Whoop has established itself as a popular choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts due to its comprehensive features and accurate data tracking. It does have other alternatives which we have described in this article 

Whoop has made a great impact in the fitness tracking market, providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with valuable insights. However, there are several alternatives available, such as Fitbit Charge, Garmin Vivosmart, and Apple Watch, each offering distinct features and benefits. Ultimately, the choice of a fitness tracker should be based on your preferences and needs to optimize your fitness journey.

Best Whoop Alternatives in 2024
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