How to charge FitBit without Charger?

How to charge FitBit without Charger?

How to charge FitBit without Charger? Find out in this article. Fitbit is known as one of the best devices when it comes to fitness trackers. Fitbit devices are very easy to use and also their design gives you a modern look. But their charger can sometimes cause trouble if it’s not charged. And definitely running out of battery is very annoying. 

So if this is your situation then this article is going to help you a lot. You will learn how to charge FitBit charge without a charger. 

Charging Problems of Fitbit

It is common for you to face Problems while charging Fitbit devices. Some of these problems you can face are

  • You are not securing the port with the devices in a proper way
  • If the charging pin becomes dirty, it will not work properly
  • You haven’t used the charging cable for months and now it is not charging your device properly since you didn’t care that your device shows a low battery indicator  

Is it possible to charge FitBit without a charger?

Fitbit devices charge for many hours once it charges. Some of them can last a day, it depends on how long your device has been charged and how much you are using it. So, what can you do if you don’t have any charger? You must be searching for alternatives and we will provide you with some alternatives for charging FitBit without a charger.

How to charge FitBit without Charger?
How to charge FitBit without Charger?

Charging Alternatives For Fitbit

USB Ports

You can use your desktop or USP port to charge your Fitbit tracker device. This is a very effective method to fix low battery issues in your FitBit device.

You can use any USB charger or you can also plug any cable with USB to charge your Fitbit tracker without getting worried. It can’t charge your tracker very fast, but it can help you in the situation if you don’t have a charger.

But if your USB port is not working, then in this case you can reset the tracker to charge the Fitbit properly. But the process may vary or change depending upon the device you are having.

Remove FitBit Tracker

There are certain FitBit models that are charged when they are removed from Wristband or from the clip you get charged. Now you must be thinking how one can remove the band?!! It basically depends on the model of FitBit you are using. So, when you remove the band from your wrist, search for sources to charge it and plug in your device.

 Then check whether your battery level is going up or not. But definitely, the different modes of charging indicate different ways of charging your phone.

Use replaceable battery

A replaceable battery is also a good option for charging your device if you don’t have other options available. But you must remember that only some FitBit models use replaceable batteries and not all of them. So in order to check if your model is supported to replace the battery or not, You can use a 3V CR2025 coin battery as it is one of the effective options to replace the battery of a Fitbit device. It is easily available in every shop. So, once you buy the battery, you have to follow the following steps

  • Replace the FitBit battery with a new battery.
  • Make sure you have inserted the new battery in the right direction
  • Lock the battery and then sync it with the device so you can track your fitness goals

Using a Power Bank

Using a power bank is also an easy option if you don’t have a charger. Connect your Fitbit device to a power bank using a USB cable and then simply wait for your Fitbit device to get charged.

How to Charge FitBit Charge 3 without any charger?

This is how you can charge FitBit Charge3  with a USB charger

  1. For charging your tracker, insert the charging cable into the USB tracker. 
  2. Then you have to connect the USB port to the charger and make sure the pins are aligned.
  3. If you see a pop-up, it displays the previous battery charge-up range. 
  4. Keep the device on charging
  5. The charging level basically depends on the charging you require.
  6. 2 hours are enough for charging. 

How to charge FitBit Charge 4 without a charger?

If your Fitbit charge 4 is going to die then follow these steps to solve the issue

  1. Try the USB port. You must take out the included cable in the FitBit device and then plug it into the USB wall charger. by doing this it will charge your Fitbit device as fast as possible 
  2. The FitBit Charging contacts might cause issues if they are not clean so you have to clean them in so your FitBit device can charge efficiently. First of all, you have to rub some alcohol using a cotton swab. Then examine the contacts carefully and sip the alcohol cotton swap for rubbing the contacts. If cotton swap is not work, then use the thumbtack technique to make the contacts clean and clear. you must also examine the charging cable to see if it is properly cleaned or not.

How to Charge Fitbit Charge 5 if you don’t have a charger?

  1. You have to connect your watch to a charging cable using a USB port. Make sure you are using a wall USB charger for quick and secure charging. 
  2. Then connect a USB wire to charge your FitBit device and leave it for some hours. 
  3. After this keep an eye on the Fitbit device to make sure its charging is proceeding accurately.
  4. If you find that your USB is not working, then you can also use a power bank or other wireless charging sources to make sure it properly charges

How to charge Fitbit Versa if you don’t have a Charger?

In this case, you can try the cradle to charge up your Fitbit device

  • Most companies provide you with a cradle to charge up the FitBit. While you are using it, make sure the electric cords and cradle match up when you are putting the watch into the charger. 
  • Once you place your watch in the cradle, you have to connect it to the wall power. 
  • If the charging process is working well, then press the cradle’s downsides where there are finger holes. 

How To Avoid Fitbit Charging Problems

This is how you can avoid FitBit charging problems so you don’t face any difficulty while using it!! The points mentioned above will help you to get rid of charging problems in FitBit devices.

It is very beneficial to keep the Fitbit device and the charging port clean as often as possible.

It is very important to maintain the dryness of the watch even after it has been cleaned. Your devices shouldn’t be wet!!

For turning on the power source, you first have to connect the FitBit devices securely.

The best option is to use the Fitbit charging cable to charge your Fitbit device.

Don’t leave the watch charged overnight or for a longer period of time.

How to charge FitBit without Charger?
How to charge FitBit without Charger?

Steps to maintain the charging port for a longer period of time

If you are frequently using a charging port in a day, then you must care about its port and maintain its flexibility for a long time. This is how you can do it.

  • clean the dirt with cotton swabs, toothbrushes, or toothpicks from the port 
  • Never use water for cleaning, it will be harmful to your device
  • Dip a toothbrush in alcohol and rub the cotton swab into the electrical gold dots so you can prevent all the dirt and debris from getting in.
  • Dry the sorts for many hours so you can use them easily later on.


In conclusion, Fitbit devices are a great option for fitness enthusiasts who want to track their progress and monitor their daily activities. However, charging the device can sometimes be a challenge, and it can be frustrating when the device runs out of battery. Fortunately, there are several alternative ways to charge a Fitbit device without a charger, such as using USB ports, a replaceable battery, a power bank, or a cradle. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can charge their Fitbit devices easily and efficiently, even if they don’t have access to a traditional charger. Ultimately, these charging alternatives can help users to stay on track with their fitness goals and ensure that their Fitbit device is always ready for use.

How to charge FitBit without Charger?
How to charge FitBit without Charger?

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How to charge FitBit without Charger?
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