Is it Worth Upgrading To BT Halo 3?

Is it Worth Upgrading To BT Halo 3? What do You need to know?

In this article, we will find out if is it worth upgrading to BT Halo 3.

BT Halo introduction 

Halo is the flagship price plan of BT. Halo promises to provide you with the UK’s only unbreakable wi-fi connection. It also provides a number of benefits across your BT Broadband and Mobile plans of BT.

If you already use BT Broadband, you might be able to upgrade to Halo 3 as cheap as £1 extra per month. 

BT Halo has two types 3 and 3+. Some features of BT Halo 3’s are useful, but by upgrading to the 3+ customers get more unique features. For example, extended Wi-Fi with boosters or a double data cap for subscribers of BT mobile.

Benefits of BT Halo 3

Keep Connected Promise

Keep connected promise: if there is any problem with your broadband or if you are shifting home, the BT halo team will send your way a Mini Hub to help you with your broadband. Another benefit for BT Mobile subscribers is that if they face an issue and they report the problem, then they get unlimited mobile data, to make sure they get a smooth experience without any added cost.

Price Promise

Price promise: You will pay the same monthly price until your contract ends. The price is not going to increase.

BT’s terms and conditions specify that customers will never have to pay more than £8 extra per month if they are switching to a rolling contract. But if you’re willing to sign another minimum-term contract, then you must consider renewing it as soon as possible.

Is it Worth Upgrading To BT Halo 3?
Is it Worth Upgrading To BT Halo 3?

With the help of Home Tech Experts

The help of Home Tech Experts: You will get help from BT Halo’s top experts if you face any problem with your broadband. BT Halo experts will visit your house to check your broadband personally. BT halo 3 offers a free annual visit to make sure your broadband is working smoothly. You can also schedule an appointment with them if you face a sudden problem with your broadband, which shows that BT Halo 3 cares about its customers and enhance its customer relationships.

Benefits of BT Halo 3 Plus

Hybrid Connection

Hybrid connection: When you pair a hybrid connection with Smart Hub 2 it automatically switches the household’s internet to the EE Mobile network.

A hybrid Connection may not be very useful for home connections without good BT or EE Mobile reception. Also, the network speeds may become slow when they are connected to mobile broadband instead of a fixed-line fiber.

Upgrading to BT Halo 3+ may be useful if you are working from home and you need a strong internet connection.

Full WiFi

BT Halo 3+ is very useful as it provides Complete Wi-Fi and it is a blend of BT’s dependable mesh Wi-Fi system. It gives a money-back guarantee also. 

In this feature you get 

  1. An impressive BT Smart Hub 2
  2. A Wi-Fi Disc for smooth and wireless coverage.
  3. You will get a £100 credit if the speed of the wireless link is less than 10 Mbps.

Price of BT Halo

If you are an existing customer of BT Broadband, then you can upgrade to a BT Halo price plan starting from £1 per month

If you are a new customer, you can have a look at all the plans of BT halo and you can choose what suits you better. Currently, BT’s full fiber broadband is available including Halo 3+ from £69.99 per month.

Is Halo 3 BT really worth it?

According to BT, Halo 3+ is offering a total value of £488 throughout a contract of two years. This is how BT breaks down the estimated amount:

  • Hybrid Connection: £7 per month 
  • Full Wi-Fi: which is £10 a month 
  • Help from Home Tech Experts: £40 per visit 

BT Halo 3+ has many benefits, but this actually depends. As It may be useful only for those people who can’t function without the internet at home. According to my experience, it is going to result in doubling broadband bills for many households as the monthly income is less. As there are more cost-effective options for having smooth home broadband.

If you read carefully the terms and conditions of BT HALO, you will notice the limitations of the “Price Promises”. Even though BT Halo offers you the same deals similarly like new customers but you must keep in mind that you will still be bound to pay if there is any increase in annual prices depending on inflation. BT Halo currently charges for this increase in the Consumer Price Index plus 3.9%, and this rise is applied to all customer bills every year in the month of March.

After knowing everything about BT Halo 3 now it depends on you if this suits your requirements and if you want it to become a part of your home broadband.

Is it Worth Upgrading To BT Halo 3?
Is it Worth Upgrading To BT Halo 3?


BT Halo is a premium price plan offered by BT that promises an unbreakable Wi-Fi connection and provides various benefits for both BT Broadband and Mobile customers. There are two types of BT Halo: 3 and 3+. While the features of BT Halo 3 are useful, upgrading to 3+ offers even more unique features, such as extended Wi-Fi with boosters and a double data cap for BT Mobile subscribers.

The benefits of BT Halo 3 include a Keep Connected Promise, a Price Promise that guarantees the same monthly price until the end of the contract and help from Home Tech Experts who will personally visit a customer’s home to address any broadband issues.

BT Halo 3+ offers even more benefits, such as a Hybrid Connection that switches to an EE Mobile network for a stronger internet connection, and Full Wi-Fi that includes a BT Smart Hub 2 and a Wi-Fi Disc for complete wireless coverage. If the wireless link speed is less than 10 Mbps, customers can receive a £100 credit.

The price of BT Halo starts from £1 per month for existing customers, while new customers can choose from various plans, including full fiber broadband with Halo 3+ starting at £69.99 per month.

Whether or not BT Halo is worth it depends on individual needs and circumstances. It may be useful for those who require a strong and reliable internet connection, but it could result in higher broadband bills for households on a tight budget. Customers should also be aware of the limitations of the Price Promise, as annual price increases may apply.

Is it Worth Upgrading To BT Halo 3? What do You need to know?
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