Peloton Touchscreen Not Working? Solutions for fixing

Peloton Touchscreen Not Working? Solutions for fixing

While using peloton devices, you might often face difficulty with your peloton touchscreen not working!! But it’s not something that you can’t resolve! 

There are some easy steps that you can follow if your peloton touchscreen is not working.

Why is my Peloton touchscreen not working?

Hardware issues can cause your peloton screen to stop working. The possibility of software issues are higher but hardware issue in the peloton screen can also occur

Another reason your peloton screen is not responding to touch is that its cable might be damaged or maybe the wire connections are loose. 

If the protective coating of your peloton screen is damaged, then in that case also your peloton screen might not be responding. 

Peloton Touchscreen Not Working? Solutions for fixing
Peloton Touchscreen Not Working? Solutions for fixing

How do I fix my Peloton screen?

If you are also worried that your peloton screen won’t turn on or how to fix it then follow the steps mentioned below to fix your device.

Restart your Peloton Bike

Sometimes your peloton screen doesn’t turn on or stuck at some point, there is no technical issue in your peloton bike. Just by restarting it, you can fix your peloton screen

For restarting your peloton bike, press the power button for 2-3 seconds and your peloton bike will turn off. Then wait for 40 seconds and turn your peloton bike again. After that connect it to a power supply. The peloton screen will start functioning properly now. 

Check the fuse

Peloton is basically an android device so it will get damaged by an electric surge so you must never connect it directly to the power supply. First, check the fuse and if it’s blown up then replace it with a new one.

What to do if Peloton is Stuck on the Logo Screen

If your Peloton is stuck on the logo screen then follow these steps to make it start working.

Remove from the power source

If your peloton screen touch is not responding, then disconnect the peloton fitness machine from the power source. Wait for 16 seconds and then connect it to power again.

Reboot your Peloton screen

For rebooting your peloton screen press and hold both the power and volume up button till the screen light up, then release your hands from the button.

By doing this your Peloton bike will be in Boot Mode. Then hold down the volume and power button for 2 seconds and again release it. Then you have to navigate to Wipe all user data / Factory reset. Use the power button to select it and your peloton device is wiped.

Can we fix the Peloton white screen?

You can troubleshoot your peloton white screen by the following methods

Troubleshoot peloton screen

For doing this you must remove the power cord from the base of the device. Then you have to remove the two cords which are connected to the back side of the peloton touchscreen. Plug back the power cords and all other connections for turning it on. Press the power button gently. By following this method your peloton touchscreen should work normally. But if you still face any issues regarding your peloton touchscreen then factory reset it.

Peloton screen frozen

If your peloton screen is displaying freezing issues or you face any WiFi connection issues with your peloton bike then you have to clear the cache on your peloton equipment to fix it.

Replacement of peloton touchscreen

If customer support from peloton is suggesting you replace your peloton screen, then the replacement cost can be 450$- 500$. But you can get a new one without spending any money if you are replacing your peloton within 11 months of purchasing the equipment.

Fix the replacement 

When you get the replacement, press the power button till the screen prompt displays. Then power Off the peloton bike and remove the power cable. Now open the plastic clip at the backside of the screen, and disconnect the cable of the monitor. Then remove if you have any ethernet cables.

Unplug the cord which is present at the back of the touchscreen rear. Remove the 4 mounting screws. Now remove the old peloton touchscreen and get the replacement touchscreen. Take help from someone who can assist you with aligning the touchscreen to the monitor mount.

Hold it securely and firmly in place and insert the 4 mounting screws. Then connect all the cables which you removed before to the new screen. Don’t forget to Restore the back panel to the replacement touchscreen. Connect the power cable and power on the bike and in this way you have successfully fixed the new peloton screen to your equipment.

Peloton Touchscreen Not Working? Solutions for fixing
Peloton Touchscreen Not Working? Solutions for fixing

How much is it to replace the Peloton touchscreen?

Peloton screen price is around $500, which is an estimated amount. But overall it can be around $600.

Contact Peloton support

If you keep facing issues with the peloton screen even after replacing the screen then contact peloton support by sending an email to

Tips to keep your peloton touchscreen safe and secure

Keep the peloton touchscreen clean all the time. You can clean it with a soft cloth when it gets dusty. You can also clean it with alcohol or methylated spirit. Never use detergent to clean the peloton touchscreen. Always switch it OFF after using the peloton touchscreen.


If you’re experiencing difficulties with your Peloton touchscreen not working, there are some easy steps you can take to resolve the issue. One possible cause is hardware issues such as a damaged cable or protective coating, but software issues are more common. To fix the problem, you can try restarting your Peloton bike, checking the fuse, and troubleshooting the screen. If these methods fail, you may need to replace the touchscreen, which can cost around $500. To prevent issues, keep the touchscreen clean and switch it off when not in use. If you continue to face problems, contact Peloton support for assistance.

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Peloton Touchscreen Not Working? Solutions for fixing
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