ITVX on Sky Q

How to Get ITVX on Sky Q? (Everything about ITVX )

Overview of ITVX

ITVX is basically a new streaming service from one of the UK’s prime broadcasting television networks, ITV is live. 

The best thing about ITVX over its predecessor, ITV Hub, is the sheer amount of ad-supported shows, full box sets, and films, extended over 10,000 hours at launch. They even introduce a Premium ad-free subscription that integrates the BritBox Uk library.

But this just doesn’t end there. With ITVX, you are also able to tune into ITV’s live tv channels and organized a selection of free ad-supported streaming television stations. You can also easily catch up with your favorite shows and binge watching ITV’s original TV series months before they originally air on the linear channels networks.

ITVX has made its way on many smart TVs, streaming media players, and also set-top boxes, which include Freesat, Freeview Play, and YouView-enabled models. But the question here is the ITV hub is on Sky Q yet?  This article will shed light on everything about the availability of ITVX on Sky Q. 

Can we get Get ITVX on Sky Q?

At the moment it’s not possible to get ITVX Hub on Sky Q but it’s available on several other platforms. Users can now access ITVX by visiting, but you can also download the new streaming app as it’s available on many supported devices. It includes Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Roku, and any recent Smart TV which has built-in Freesat, Freeview Play, or YouView. 

Sky Glass TV and Sky Stream puck are the only devices that are currently getting ITVX. At the time of writing, ITVX is not accessible from a Sky Q box, with no details announced by the broadcaster regarding when Sky Q owners can get ITV’s new streaming service to release on the platform.

But Sky did add little details on one of its recent blog posts about celebrating the launch of ITVX on Sky Glass Sky Stream and that it is going to arrive on Sky Q in the upcoming weeks. So Sky Q users have to be patient until ITVX is completely ready to launch their set-top boxes.

How to Get ITVX on Sky Q
How to Get ITVX on Sky Q

What is Happening With ITV Catch-Ups on Sky Q?

ITV Hub or ITV’s former catch-up platform, never actually made it to Sky Q boxes even though the broadcaster promised that they are working on it.

There is a limited selection of ITV programs that are available as catch-ups on Sky Q. They are further limited by an impressive portion in recent months after ITV intentionally reduced the availability of catch-ups and box sets outside the announcement of its new streamer app.

Currently, the British broadcaster has uncovered the truth that ITV Hub will prioritize ITVX development, many Sky Q users in the UK are running into playback errors when they are trying to watch ITV catch-ups. Now even if it’s a technical issue or the effect of the discontinuation of ITV, its older catch-up platform is still unknown to us.

Meanwhile, you can sign up for a monthly membership of Prime Video and you can add the ITV catch-up channel to your subscription, also ITV is offering a 7-day free trial for it. The disadvantage is that the content selection is actually not close to what ITVX is offering. Additionally, there is no free ad-supported tier.

If you are choosing ITV Catch-up on Amazon’s streamer, then you can log in to the Prime Video app on your Sky Q box with your personal credentials so you can stream the latest episodes of your favorite ITV shows, soaps, movies, and reality series at least until ITVX is on Sky Q.

There is also a BritBox channel on Prime Video, where you can easily watch iconic British box sets and films and also homegrown originals and exclusives. Until ITVX is available for Sky Q boxes, the BritBox on Prime Video Channel is a good alternative.

How can we watch ITVX on Sky Q?

Maybe ITVX rolls out for Sky Q boxes by the time you read this article so you should be able to access it without any difficulty. First of all press the Home button on your Sky remote control, then open the Apps section and select the ITVX app.

And if you have a voice-enabled remote, the. Press and hold the Voice button and say “Open ITVX” into the microphone of the remote to launch ITV’s new streaming app on your own Sky Q box.

People who still see watch the older ITV Hub app on Sky Q, then you have to scroll to the bottom of their Sky Home screen and click on Settings, then open the Apps menu and click Refresh next to the button where it says “Refresh Apps”. Most probably your Sky Q box has internet access, so it is going to update the older ITV app with ITVX.

Even though Sky Q boxes update automatically in the background, still we suggest checking for new firmware versions yourself, as you might not be able to have ITVX on Sky Q if it is running on outdated or older software. This is how you can do that

  • First of all Open Settings from your Sky Home screen, then you have to select the Status tab, you can find it in the sidebar. Ensure that there is a tick (✓) next to the “Satellite signal” status.
  • Then you have to scroll down to the System info tab and highlight “Software version”.
  • Now you will choose the Setup option and then select Software download.

In this way, your Sky Q will check for updates and it will start downloading the latest software. It will take several minutes to finish.

After you see this message “Software update successful”, then you have to press your remote’s Standby button.

Then head to the Apps section from your Sky Home screen, and you will find the ITVX app there.

We suggest you to visiting from your phone or your computer for registering an ITVX account, as ITVX on Sky Q requires users to sign in first. Then you will get access to ITVX’s massive ad-supported library and also the live TV channel streams.

The same is the case with other over-the-top streaming apps, where you have to keep your Sky Q box connected to your broadband by your Wi-Fi.

How to Get ITVX on Sky Q
How to Get ITVX on Sky Q


In conclusion, ITVX is a new streaming service from ITV that offers a vast selection of ad-supported shows, full box sets, films, and live TV channels. While it is not yet available on Sky Q boxes, it can be accessed through several other devices, including Sky Glass TV and Sky Stream puck, as well as through other smart TVs, streaming media players, and set-top boxes.

ITV Hub, the previous catch-up platform from ITV, has limited availability on Sky Q, and it is uncertain when ITVX will be available on this platform. In the meantime, Sky Q users can sign up for a monthly membership of Prime Video and add the ITV catch-up channel to their subscription or watch the BritBox channel. Updating the Sky Q box to the latest software and refreshing the apps can help to access the ITVX app if it becomes available on this platform.

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How to Get ITVX on Sky Q? (Everything about ITVX )
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